Rhode Island Public Employees’ Health Services Fund

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Local 1033 members employed by the City of Providence, Providence Schools, the Town of North Providence, North Providence Schools, and the Town of North Kingstown can participate in this benefit fund.


2018 Health Benefit Modifications 

Patient Centered Medical Home Network

Local 1033 City & PSD Wellness Program

Membership Assistance Program (MAP)

The MAP provides direct treatment and counseling as well as referral treatment monitoring to scores of members and their dependents. Members have utilized the MAP with regard to drug and alcohol abuse, bereavement, domestic relations, personal debt, stress, and a host of other similar situations.


Who Is Eligible: Local Union 1033 Members in good standing and actively employed by the City of Providence receive the financial security of a Group Insurance Plan which provides a $25,000 death benefit and an additional $25,000 accidental death benefit. Additional benefits are payable for death resulting from an automobile accident and to surviving children who are full-time students. Life Insurance helps add security and peace of mind for every stage of life.

About Your Benefits: If you are no longer at active employment due to injury or disability beyond six months, you may be entitled to continued coverage at no cost but only if you apply for continued coverage. To apply, you must contact the insurer.

Upon retirement, you may convert these Group Life Insurance benefits to individual policies by notifying the insurer and paying the initial premium within 31 days of your last day worked. If you elect this benefit at retirement, a policy will issue without proof of good health. You may contact the insurer at 866-909-6065.

Receiving Your Benefits: Benefits are payable to the member’s designated beneficiary and you may designate a new or alternate beneficiary at any time by signing a new beneficiary designation form which is available at the Union Health Fund Office.

Estate Planning: Remember that these benefits should be included as part of your estate planning. Should you ever need assistance in estate planning, preparation of, or amendment to your Last Will and Testament, our Union Legal Services Fund


Who Is Eligible: All state, municipal and school Local Union 1033 members have Family Dental benefits, negotiated with assistance of your Union Health Services Fund and administered by Delta Dental of RI. They provide the highest level of benefits existing in the state.

Available Benefits: Local Union 1033 dental benefits provide every member of your family with up to 100 percent of the cost of an annual dental and oral health examination as well as appropriate X-rays. Additionally, two dental cleanings per year, an annual fluoride treatment for dependents under the age of 19, bi-annual sealants for those under the age of 16, restorative services including fillings, root canal therapy, repairs to existing dentures, replacement to crowns and bridges every 60 months and many more services are covered up to your annual maximum. Up to 80 percent of the cost is covered for other dental treatments including periodontics maintenance, dentures, root planning, tissue grafts, and implants. Check your plans specific benefit coverage at www.deltadentalri.com. Braces and other orthodontic treatments are covered at 50 percent up to a lifetime cap. The benefit coverage described herein is based upon utilization of an in network Dental Professional. Annual maximum benefits differ by bargaining unit and range from $1,200 per family member to $2,000 per family member. You may find in network participating Dental Professionals and manage your dental benefits at www.deltadentalri.com. Members employed by the Narragansett Bay Commission receive dental benefits administered by Blue Cross of RI.

If you and every family member have not visited your dentist twice in 2015, schedule your family dental visit prior to the end of the year and maximize your benefits as well as your oral health!

VISION CARE BENEFITS (administered through Davis vision):

WHO IS ELIGIBLE: The fund coordinates vision care with the various public employers that have collectively bargained medical insurance for Local Union 1033 members.

AVAILABLE BENEFITS: Each 1033 family member is entitled to a full eye exam during each 12-month period with additional medical exams as required due to medical conditions.This coverage is provided through the 1033-negotiated health care plan. Added to this benefit is the fund-provided vision hardware (glasses, frames, lenses, and contact lenses) benefit. This fund benefit is provided through Davis Vision. The benefit level includes hardware of $100 in value for every 24-month period for hardware obtained outside of the Davis network and offers greater benefits and discounts for hardware obtained at the Davis Vision owned facilities, Vision Works. They have convenient locations in Cranston, Middletown, Narragansett, and North Providence.
For a location near you visit www.visionworks.com or call
(800) 669-1183. Note: over 75 percent of Davis Vision in-network frames and all of the corrective lenses are U.S.-manufactured in union shops


Who Is Eligible: Our Union Prescription Benefit Plans are designed to meet the medical needs of every family member, provide the highest quality drugs, and safeguard our dwindling healthcare dollars. Active Local Union 1033 members employed by Providence, Providence Schools, North Providence, North Providence Schools, and North Kingstown participate in our Union Health Funds MaxorPlus RX Plan.

Available Benefits: Prescriptions filled at your local pharmacy require a $5 co-pay for generic drugs, $15 for preferred brand drugs, and $30 for non-preferred brand name drugs. Prescriptions filled at the local drug store are dispensed for the quantity written by your Doctor up to a 30-day supply.Prescriptions filled through mail order are dispensed with a 90-day supply and with a $10 co-pay for generic drugs, $30 co-pay for preferred brand drugs, $60 for non-preferred brand name drugs. Great savings can occur through mail order for members who take the same prescription for periods that exceed three months. Qualifying Local Union 1033 retirees who participate in the Union Retiree Plan receive unlimited generic fills with a $5 co-pay, also through our MaxorRX Plan.